This is my /now page, a description of what I'm up to now and how we might collaborate. 

Last updated March 9, 2024.

Most of my attention right now is on Open Global Mind and public speaking around our Cyborg future. 

I've long wished for an open, collaborative environment for collaborative sensemaking. This pandemic I sparked an umbrella project, Open Global Mind, to nurture that and other projects. Please visit the site and consider joining the conversation (which you can browse on YouTube). 

I've also been realizing that my curation of the Brain is unique, and that my ability to offer strategic advice with backup from my external Brain is valuable. 

My focus is on trust, which I believe is the linchpin for getting ourselves out of many of our current fixes. 

This journey started 25 years ago, with my irritation about the word "consumer," and has blossomed into various projects:

I love giving talks about all these things! Know someone looking for a speaker?

To get involved in any of these projects or hear about events ahead of time, email me and we can sort it out together.

If this journey resonates with you, consider backing me on Patreon. Support there allows me to put all my ideas in the Commons, in contrast with private speeches and consulting engagements, where the work often remains "behind the curtain."

To catch much of my activity with a simpler net, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Sadly, I've stopped using Twitter, despite being Twitter user 509. 

Use my Brain!

What if you had bookmarks for everything worth remembering over the last couple decades, mapped in context? I do. I curate the world's largest man-made mind map, and you can browse it for free at JerrysBrain.com. Really. 


My better half wrote a book!

My better half wrote a book!