I began advising corporations about technology in 1988. 

In 1995, Newsweek called me a software seer. Love that.

I have often seen and described our technosocial future accurately, such as:

You can browse those stories and more here, in my Brain (see below). 

Strategy and Futures

Tech was my start, but I've been immersed in strategy and futures work for ages, including:


I've given many speeches. You can sample them here

Corporate Clients

All along, I have worked comfortably with corporate clients at organizations including AOL, AT&T Labs, Suncorp, Deloitte, Carnival, betaworks, Target, Idealist, McKinsey & Co., The Wharton School, Stanley Black & Decker, and the Public Affairs Council.

My Brain

In the background, first as a form of personal notetaking and later as a way of digesting and mapping the Universe, I've been curating one giant mind map, which is available freely on the Net. You can learn more about it at JerrysBrain.com, and access it directly here.